an art research practice by marcus a. gordon exploring computational thinking in art, holography, and visualization.

An architectural model of a pavilion is fabricated, recorded in holographic space, and positioned with its virtual self, playing on a duality of what is physical and what is virtual.

Habitat 44º
Habitat 44º sketch

This notebook is an interactive synthesis of Stephen Benton's model for calculating reconstruction geometry in holography, hence the name Benton Math. H1 and H2 cameras are created to record a colour hologram, reconstructed by white light.

Benton Math

A computational notebook experiment for calculating wavelength, conversion to RGB and representing the visible spectrum.

Spectral Colours

Shadowgram of the schematics of African American Edison pioneer Lewis Latimer, and his improvement of the electric lamp.


Compara, an intuitive, interactive and searchable index that visualizes the attributes of software from a wide-range of applications and technologies.

Dawn: Mech

VIZLAND (the VisualIZation LANDscape): aspires to map a multitude of libraries that define data visualization types, their functions...


Visualization of Complex Medical Data Using Next-Generation Holographic Techniques.

Brain Holography